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Further reading on the Rife machine

2) Click here to read a fascinating obituary on Rife and a summary of his controversial life. From the site of Stanley Trumans Jr. Essential reading.

3) Click here to visit the home page of Dr James Bare who devised the Rife/Bare machine.

4) Click here to visit Resonant Light - manufacturers of Rife / Bare machines.

5) Results reported by Don Tunney's volunteer group.

6) Click here to visit the site of Dave Trebant who makes the only other machine approved by and constructed to James Bares patented design.

7) Click here if you have an enquiry about treatment with the Rife machine at my clinic in London.

The Rife/Bare machine is available to clients at:

The Finchley Clinic,
26 Wentworth Avenue,
London N3 1YL
Telephone: 0800 2800 486

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