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What is The Rife machine?

The machine now known as the Rife machine was an electrical healing device first created and tested in the USA during the 1930's by the scientist and inventor Royal Raymond Rife. Today there are a number of companies purporting to make "Rife machines". These claims are not accurate. In fact, none of the machines being marketed today are the Rife machine in its original form, regardless of what you might read on some web sites. However inspired by Rife's work, an American chiropractor James Bare developed what has was first known as the Rife/Bare machine in 1995 and is now more popularly known as The Resonant Light machine. I imported one in June 1998 and have been using it since that time.

For more detailed information on what the Rife Bare machine is, and what it does, it's probably best to view James Bare's web site


The following description of this technology is taken from the manufacturers web site.

What is Photon Resonant Light Emission Technology?

"Use of resonant light emission for the control of viruses, bacterium, fungi, yeasts, insects and vermin. Our research involves the development of equipment and the evaluation of the effectiveness of its use, the latter of which we share with the public". The non-contact, non-invasive device, emits an electrostatic charge and an audio frequency specific to what is being targeted.

Note the words "non contact": The machine does not come into contact with the body when its running. In fact you can sit several meters away and watch TV, read a book, talk on the phone, have your lunch or nod off to sleep. No clothing or jewellery need be removed when the machine is running as the frequencies are thought to penetrate clothing.

Results with the Rife/Bare Machine

The results are anecdotal and we make no claims in relation to any specific condition, but our clients frequently report that they believe it helped them. The feedback we have received has mostly concerned candida-yeast problems, chronic fatigue, low immunity and pain relief, as they are the main conditions we use the device for. One of the most unexpected areas that it appers to have been helpful is with Aspergers Syndrome and Autism. There is also one frequency that alledgedly is helpful with anger, and much to my surpise, it did seem to have a positive effect, at least on some of the people I have tried it with. In the case of candida yeast infections, I have had some patients who beleive it helped them overcome a stubborn and difficult problem.

Is the he Rife/Bare Machine safe?

This is unproven, but so far nobody has reported any harmful or untoward effects. I have been exposed to the devide for hundreds if not thousands of hours over the years and not suffered any ill effects that I am aware of.

This e-document is for information purposes only. No claims of any kind are made or implied. The services offered by The Finchley Clinic are not a substitute for medical diagnosis, advice or treatment.

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