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Erica aged 13 was diagnosed as having ME at aged 11. She had been unwell for 2 years and bedbound for 8 months, unable to stand, walk or function mentally. She was treated weekly for one month and monthly thereafter. Within three months she had returned to full time school after two years off. One year later she is studying PE to GCSE level and is involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.

Derek aged 62 presented with a frozen shoulder that had restricted his natural arm movement to less than 20% of normal. The shoulder was exceedingly painful to lie on and as an active man keen on amateur dramatics, it was making life difficult. He was seen three times after which the shoulder had returned to 100% range of movement with no further pain.

Michelle aged 13 presented with a diagnosed case of tenosynovitis of the lower arm. A very talented tennis player, she had been unable to write, use a knife or grip a tennis racquet for some months. After three treatments she had returned to her normal standard of competitive tennis and she had no return of pain.

Margaret aged 55 came with considerable lower back pain inflicted after moving a heavy dustbin. She was at first sceptical that such a light treatment could do anything. She phoned two days later to say that after only one treatment the pain had completely gone and that she had full range of movement. She required no further treatment.

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